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I grew up in Illinois, a Midwestern crossroads state that I make fun of while driving. There are remarkable craft breweries across the state that make great beer for many Midwestern people living in and around Illinois. It's hard not to want to try all these wonderful brews, but I'm hard on myself because I don't want to try them all.

The Belly Deli, which also houses the Homer Soda Company, means you don't have to wait until Soda Fest to get your favorite drink. If you just enjoy the view of the lake, this is a must see, but you will need some activity to take your time while the other venues open until late in the morning. Grab an early breakfast and visit St. John's to take another sunset picture that will reap likes on Instagram.

Catch a baseball game, watch a movie or try your luck in one of the many restaurants, bars and restaurants in the area.

The next game is on Saturday, June 15, so get your tickets and be ready to rumble into Homer. If you still need convincing to make the trip to Homer, I give you three words to live by: If you do, try it out and buy a ticket now. , you are ready for a rumbling homer!

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The exclusive analysis by NeighborhoodScout shows that Homer Glen has a median value of $304,438 and the median cost of rent is $1,908 per month. The neighborhood has the second-highest median income of any Illinois neighborhood, at $100,000. Illinois has an average home price per square foot of more than $2,500, which is above the national average of about $100. Yorkshire Drive in HomerGlen will be listed on Homes.com from September 25, 2020 and currently costs between $3,300 and $4,400 a month for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house. This house is located at 12633 Yorkshire Road, south of the intersection of York Road and Yorkshire Avenue.

Race: The population of Homer Glen is 50% white, 50.5% black, 5% brown, 4% other (unspecified), 4.0% living in poverty and 8.3% having some form of disability. Among middle-income people, it is the second and highest median income of any Illinois county, just below the national average of $100,000. In this neighborhood, and in most parts of the country, many residents find it difficult to own a car that is useful for getting to and from work. The population of HomerGlen is racially diverse, with a high percentage of African Americans, Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health and Human Services, 8% of residents 18 and older live with family members in the home, 5.4% are 65 and older, and 5% consider themselves widows.

The Vintage Bakery, which opens at 6 a.m. most days, and the local café, the Old Town Cafe, open at 7 a.m., are the perfect places to socialize.

Check out our list of Illinois Craft Brewers, and if their work is worth a visit, they're worth a visit. As a particularly pampering treat, you can enjoy a glass of butterscotch root beer or even a pint of the brewery's signature beer.

The rent-to-own method is a smart way to work on your credit rating, but if you decide to rent or own a property, try a house in your neighborhood.

Founded in 2001, Homer Glen is a village that has positioned itself as one of the best places to live in northern Illinois. We have seen the village host events like the Illinois State Fair, the Chicago Bears game and even the Winter Olympics.

Built in 1914, Wrigley Field was home to the Chicago Cubs, a National League charter team from 1876, until 1916. It is the only remaining ballpark associated with the short-lived rival Chicago White Sox, and is one of only two Major League Baseball ballparks in Chicago. The first, Weeghman Park in 1914, opened at Homer Glen before being merged after the 1915 baseball season.

Think of Homer Glen as a gated resort environment that can only be found when you play in the Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox ballparks.

With all the amenities and culture of the big cities nearby, the 24,000 residents of Homer Glen afford a small village - city USA feeling. The proximity to the major Chicago area sports teams and the city of Chicago makes it an attractive destination for homeowners.

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More About Homer Glen