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Homer Glen is also home to the Homer Glen Art Museum, a public art museum, as well as a number of other art galleries and museums in the area.

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There are currently 139 homes for sale in Homer Glen, including 2 condominiums and 0 foreclosures. There are an average of 181 days spent in a homeowner's home with a mortgage or mortgage interest rate of more than $500,000 as of December 30, 2020. There are currently 120 homes for sale in Simpsons Glen, one foreclosure and 2,812 days of home ownership. The average purchase price for a single-family home in Simpson Glen is currently $1,071,500, compared to $925,800 in December 2016. The median sale price for a home was $643,400 in November 2016, a decline from a record high of more than $7,300 in October 2016 and an all-time low of just under $5,200 in January 2017, according to the National Association of Realtors.

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More About Homer Glen